Soft Touch AB launches a knowledge center for working gloves

Soft Touch AB, a leading manufacturer of protective gloves, is proud to announce the launch of its glove knowledge center. This new platform is designed to serve as a central hub for all things related to working gloves and hand safety awareness.

As a company that prioritizes workplace safety, Soft Touch AB understands the importance of educating users about hand protection. With the launch of the glove knowledge center, Soft Touch provides access to comprehensive resources that can raise awareness of the importance of wearing protective gloves in various industries and applications. It also aims to assist in more accurately choosing the correct gloves for the task at hand with its associated risks.

The glove knowledge center will feature a range of educational resources, including articles, videos, infographics, and guides. These resources will cover topics such as the different types of gloves available, how the protection features in the gloves work, material information and maintenance to extend the service life for gloves. It is a living center where resources will be continuously added.

"We're excited to launch the glove knowledge center and provide individuals with an online page with easy access to information on hand safety awareness and protective glove functionality," says Michael Cederkvist, CEO at Soft Touch AB. "We hope this platform will serve as a valuable resource for any kind of glove users as well as purchasers and safety offices across various industries and to help raise awareness about the importance of hand protection. Everyone benefits from lesser hand injuries, and this is our new initiative to raise awareness on hand safety" he concludes.

To visit the glove knowledge center and learn more about gloves and hand safety awareness, please visithttps://www.softtouch.se/knowledgecenter.asp?lang=2.


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