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The Soft Touch Knowledge Center is a resource for anyone who realizes the importance of protecting their hands. We share information, knowledge and our experiences in the form of articles and guides. The Soft Touch knowledge center is a living center and we will continuously update the content to improve safety knowledge for our readers.

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Size guide

It is important to be careful when choosing the size of the gloves. Of course, gloves should be comfortable, but a glove in the wrong size can be a risk factor in your work   Read more

Guide to coatings on knitted gloves

Knitted safety gloves provide excellent fit and precision. However, every job has different requirements. Soft Touch AB introduces Metalmix by Hanvo Bestgrip - your choice made easy.   Read more

Rubber gloves guide

Safety gloves come in many styles and features, different from each other. However, sometimes gloves may look similar to each other, although they are very different. One example of this is disposable rubber gloves and reusable rubber gloves.   Read more