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The Soft Touch Knowledge Center is a resource for anyone who realizes the importance of protecting their hands. We share information, knowledge and our experiences in the form of articles and guides. The Soft Touch knowledge center is a living center and we will continuously update the content to improve safety knowledge for our readers.

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Choosing the right glove - general guide

There is a perfect glove for every task. A glove that makes the job easier, more comfortable, and - most importantly safer. You just have to find it. Here is a good guide with three steps that make it easier to find the right one.   Read more

Guide for choosing the right winter gloves

A cold environment challenges the worker in a few ways. From the hand safety perspective, It is highly recommended to pick up EN511:2006 winter certified working gloves. Read more in this guide how to interpret the standard to assist you in choosing the right winter gloves.   Read more

Guide for choosing MetalMix gloves

Soft Touch AB has had knitted gloves under the brand Hanvo® Bestgrip in the range for many years. The production of these gloves is primarily driven by research and development of new materials to increase the protection provided by the work gloves.   Read more

Guide for choosing the right gauge - thickness

Understanding the seven different gauges of yarn can be difficult enough, choosing the correct pair for your needs makes it even more difficult. In this guide we clarify on terms to make it easier to choose the right type of knitted gloves.   Read more