Winter gloves and En511 what you need to know


A cold environment challenges the worker in a few ways: air temperature, air movement (wind speed), and humidity (wetness). To work safely, these challenges must be carefully monitored by physical activity and by controlled exposure to cold (work/rest schedule), more importantly, by proper PPE insulation. From the hand safety perspective, It is highly recommended to pick up EN511:2006 winter certified working gloves with a known cold protection level to prevent everyone from getting cold, acute diseases.

The EN511:2006 standard


EN511:2006 is a series of standardized tests for gloves to give indications of the protection against cold. The standard includes two specific tests for assessing thermal insulation: convective cold and contact cold plus other low-temperature performance tests in addition to requirements from EN 388 and EN 420.

Convective Cold Test

EN511 convective cold test

Convective cold is the process of losing heat through the movement of air or water on the skin. This test measures the glove's thermal insulation properties when exposed to cold winds. The number indicates the protection level between 0 to 4. The highest level of protection is 4.

Conductive Cold Test

EN511 Conductive cold test

Conductive cold or contact cold is the los¬ing heat process through physical contact with another object such as a snowball. This test measures the glove's thermal resistance when exposed to contact with a cold object with a number between 0 to 4. The highest level of protection is 4.

Water Permeability Test

EN511 Water permeability test

Water permeation is a test with an indication if the glove is waterproof. The number is either

0 = water penetration after 30 minutes of exposure 
1 = no water penetration.

The highest level of protection is 1. However, gloves tested with a 0 rating can still have waterproof properties for less than 30 minutes.


Still find the explanation confusing? Soft Touch has made a video for a better understanding.


The following are some examples of gloves that suit different tasks and situations at work with requirements for cold protection


Soft Touch Kryo GV-9090

Supple and durable goatskin leather gloves

Soft Touch® Kryo (GV-9090) is equipped with a wind and waterproof M-Tex™ membrane with superior breathability. Additional warm fleece lining to keep the hands warm. Suitable for all kinds of outdoor jobs.

Hanvo Bestgrip Breathfit Thermo

Knitted winter glove with superior fit and comfort

Breathfit Thermo (HV-NXC970) has a soft and warm acrylic liner brushed from the inside for maximum thermal insulation & comfort. Enhanced nitrile coating in sandy grip technology for a firm grip in wet and oily conditions.

Hanvo Bestgrip Hyperguard

Durable knitted glove in HiViz 

Breathfit Thermo HiViz (HV-NXC970FY) is the perfect companion for your HiViz garments. With a durable nitrile coating it can take wear and tear from the toughest of conditions. Under the polyester shell is a brushed acrylic liner to keep you warm and comfortable.


You have only 1 pair of hands, and we want you to keep them unharmed.

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