New Hand Safety Section in Soft Touch AB Glove Knowledge Center

Soft Touch AB, one of Sweden's leading manufacturers of safety and working gloves, has expanded its knowledge center for gloves. With a new section dedicated to hand safety, this platform will now provide more information on hand protection, safety awareness and safety gloves.

Soft Touch AB continues prioritizing information and knowledge sharing about the importance of hand protection. The upgraded knowledge center offers a new hand safety section covering a range of topics, such as understanding hand vibration damage, how to protect against frostbite and important maintenance tips to ensure the glove provides maximum protection throughout its life. As the glove knowledge center is a dynamic platform, it will be continuously updated with new or supplementary content to ensure that users have access to the latest information.

"The hand safety section is an important addition to our glove knowledge center," says Michael Cederkvist, CEO of Soft Touch AB. "Our goal is to provide a comprehensive online resource for hand safety awareness so that we can all become better at protecting our hands. By raising awareness of the importance of hand protection, we hope to minimize hand injuries and create safer work environments." he concludes.

To visit the glove knowledge center and learn more about gloves and hand safety awareness, please visit https://www.softtouch.se/knowledgecenter.asp?lang=2.


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