Soft Touch AB, a leading manufacturer of protective gloves in Sweden, has expanded its knowledge center for gloves yet again. A "How to choose" series is the latest addition to the knowledge center. This series offers concise and practical guidance on choosing gloves for both general and specific protection needs. 

The "How to choose" series within the knowledge center provides valuable insights into different factors such as glove materials, glove functions, performance and safety requirements, and industry-specific considerations. There are several guides covering different types of gloves, such as:” How to choose welding gloves or How to choose the right cut-resistant glove, and many more.

"We're excited to expand our glove knowledge center with the addition of the 'How to choose' series. By publishing these easy-to-follow guides, we hope to equip glove users as well as purchasers and safety offices across various industries with practical information to make well-informed decisions," says Michael Cederkvist, CEO of Soft Touch AB. "Our primary goal is to empower individuals and organizations to enhance hand safety, ultimately contributing to safer working environments" he concludes. 

Explore the new "How to choose" series and gain valuable resources on glove selection by visiting this link: https://www.softtouch.se/knowledgecenter.asp?lang=2 


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