The many faces and personalities of Tiger

What have ten different faces and an endless amount of personalities? Tiger. And we're about to show you almost all of them.

Sorry to ruin what could have been a bad joke but this isn't a joke. Tiger is actually kind of cool. This glove, Tiger might be the first one you meet where you like all of the personalities. Okay, now we've made the joke - let's move on!

Not everyone likes the same thing

Tiger is one of our best sellers and one of my personal favourites in our range. Here's why; we have it ten different colours. So you can pick and choose the colour you feel is the one for you. After that, you can get your logo on it. That's where all the personalities come in. With the extensive colour scheme and the opportunity to have your logo on it, you can have it exactly the way you want it and call it your own.

Two different personalities of Tiger

Two Tigers with different expressions that'll soon be within reach is The Pink One, in collaboration with The Swedish Breast Cancer Association and The Blue One in collaboration with The Swedish Prostate Cancer Federation.

Do you want to see your glove?

Head on over to and add your logo onto the glove in our online tool to see a sample of how it will look. Questions or inquiries? Contact us.