New sports & leisure concept from Soft Touch AB

Soft Touch AB jobbar tillsammans med Bevego

The brand Soft Touch® and the slogan ”we know gloves” is well known by retailers and resellers of working garments and PPE. Sports gloves have been a part of Soft Touch AB for a long time, but as a range of fringe products. Now a brand new range of products is launched as a complete concept with a holistic approach to sports gloves. 

Demand started the development

Every year Soft Touch AB noticed an increased number of inquiries on new models of sports gloves. Eventually a project started to find the best producers of sport gloves, a project that took years to complete. 

"We always try our best to listen to our customers and have worked for a long time to trying to find a solution that enables us to supply a relevant range at the right price" says Michael Cederkvist, VD på Soft Touch AB.

Now, a full collection has launched with different sports gloves as part of a new branch for the brand Soft Touch®. For a start, skiing gloves, sailing gloves, hunting gloves, motor sports gloves and dress gloves is now offered.

All the models have been developed in cooperation with the producers, professional athletes and sport area specific experts. The new range is presented in a brand new catalogue available for download on Soft Touch AB's homepage. 

 Soft Touch® new sports catalogue

"This is the first step in a serious and exciting venture. Right now we are collecting data to review for the next step which is planning for covering more sports areas with specialized gloves", Michael concludes.

Soft Touch® sports & leisure gloves are available for retailers, resellers and agents since November 2021.

For more information, inquiries and questions

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