Thoughts of fashion in the glove industry

The glove industry is changing. The importance of trends and colour schemes that match each season is increasing. Customers are becoming more aware of style, and we need to work harder on creating products that provide more than just safety and protection.

If we look back 20 years, we will look at a whole different world. Safety-awareness was on the rise, and we needed to make gloves that just protected the customer's hands. As the years passed, we needed to create special features for each glove to make it more unique and customised for different tasks.
Now we're looking at of these challenges combined - safety, protection, features, and design.

Including fashion in development

Fashion is a way for people to express themselves but also it just feels good to look good. Some say fashion is also a way to boost creativity and get your mind and body right to get comfortable, relax and do your thing.
For now, fashion isn't the decisive factor in why people choose their preferred pair of gloves, but I don't think it'll be long until style is primary and protection is secondary. We're already noticing a switch because the newer models aren't loved as long as the older ones used to be.

Design for the market

The style aspect of our glove development also forces us to choose our market because good style differs very much between countries. Scandinavian design is minimalistic in general with detailing making the product unique. While in south Europe it's more pattern, futuristic, gold, and colours go from white and grey to beige to blue and green. The theme is clear for some of our latest glove models released this year. We're a Swedish company, proud of our heritage and a keen eye for design and so we've come out with models that we think reflects style for everyone.

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