M-tex™ - waterproof membrane to protect from snow and wintery weather

M-tex is a membrane designed to provide superior comfort with breathability and waterproofness. M-tex does not only protect against weather, wind, and snow but also transports moisture from the body and regulates the temperature of the hands for maximum comfort. When we sweat, the body cools down by the moisture that remains on the skin. So instead of trapping the moisture inside of the glove, M-tex allows the moisture to evaporate by breathing through the fabric. Because of the breathing sensation, the levels of lost heat is kept equal to the level of heat the body produces to keep you comfortably warm.

The M-tex membrane is not like any other membrane. It stands out because of its ability to breath while being waterproof at the same time. We have several gloves with the M-tex membrane but the most favorite ones are these,