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See our videos below divided into three different categories:

  1. About the company and our services
  2. About glove standards, risks and useful tips
  3. About gloves and glove features 

1. About Soft Touch AB and our services



About Soft Touch AB

Soft Touch has been specializing in gloves for the past decades. We started off with a simple gardening glove and have grown into a business that carries hundreds of models fitted for each and every need. This video shows a little bit more about who we are and what you need to know about us. This presentation gives insight to what we work with but most importantly - how we work.



Soft Touch Professional services

When gloves are just a part of a whole concept... Innovation and creativity are the foundation we use when we build together with our customers who have ambitions to grow sales on gloves. With our tools and systems, we create full concepts that are tailor-made for our customers' requirements. We make it easy for our customers to sell gloves.



Private Brand by Soft Touch

Soft Touch introduces a new and simple concept for branding gloves. It's easier, cheaper and works for much smaller volumes than what was previously possible. Tomas guides you through the concept , how it works and give you insights on how Private Brand can be used to make money and strengthening a brand.



Create you own glove in under a minute - DEMO

On our website we have made a tool available to create your own glove using our Private Brand concept. This is a demo on how to use the tools and to demonstrate that you can create your unique glove in under a minute.



The Soft Touch catalogue - Tips and tricks

Learn how to make the most out of the latest Soft Touch catalogue. Find products faster, learn how to use the information more effectively and see how to download product data sheets with a sick. This and more is covered in this video. You can download the catalogue here (English/Swedish/Dutch)




Soft Touch e-commerce - an overview

Learn how Soft Touch e-commerce for retailers/resellers work. This movie covers an overview to get the user oriented with the differents sections.



Soft Touch e-commerce - placing an order

See step by step how to place an order in the e-commerce. 




Soft Touch marketing tools - an overview

Did you know that Soft Touch makes an abundance of marketing tools available to existing customers for free? Here is where you can find these resources on your way to make more money selling gloves.


2. About glove standards, risks and useful tips



Protection against mechanical hazards.

A comprehensible explanation about how the EN388:2016 works with all its individual tests



Protection against cold hazards.

A comprehensible explanation about how the EN511:2006 works with all its individual tests.



Vibration hazards and HAVS

Learn about hand vibration damage and 3 easy steps to avoid damage to your hands.



Size guide

Learn how to find out your exact glove size. 



Remove gloves safely

Learn the special technique to avoid contaminating your hands when removing your gloves.



How chain saw protection works

Learn how Soft Touch chain saw protection gloves works in accordance to EN 381-7.



Impact protection - practical application

EN388:2016 includes a test for impact protection. Here is a demonstration on gloves with impact protection pads and how it benefits and protects the user in multiple scenarios.





3. About gloves and glove features


Soft Touch® Poseidon (G-8030) 

Introducing our next generation of welding gloves. oil and water repellent. Also comes with a brushed fleece lining to comfortably wear it during cold weather without having to rely on an inner glove as lining.


A picture on Facebook led to a health page in a trade magazine. The article led to unique gloves developed only after the need. The Tiling Glove is a collaboration with Jan Kraft who, for 30 years, has gotten bigger and bigger calluses on his knuckles as a result of his job as a tiler. The picture on Facebook, unsuspectingly, became an opportunity to get just the help that was needestomers who have ambitions to grow sales on gloves. With our tools and systems, we create full concepts that are tailor-made for our customers' requirements. We make it easy for our customers to sell gloves.


Hanvo® Bestgrip Aquatech Thermo (HV-LKX970)

Waterproof, triple coated safety gloves with a firm grip in both wet and dry conditions.



Soft Touch® Premium Lansen (PR-720)

Ultra light premium assembly glove with unparallelled fit and comfort.



The Soft Touch® Flash Velcro (PRV-750)

The new highly anticipated windproof and waterproof winter glove is here! PRV-750 is in many ways the beginning of a new era for us as well as for our customers. This glove is very well fitted and beautifully sewn in synthetic leather and polyester. The M-Tex™ membrane keep out both wind and water which will keep your hands dry and safe all winter long.



The Soft Touch® Precise (P-209)

One of the most beloved models of leather assembly gloves in the Soft Touch range. A true Jack of all trades making it suitable almost everywhere.



Hanvo® Bestgrip Aquaguard (HV-LKX301) 

Following the success of Aquaguard Thermo, we are proud to present the summer version, the Hanvo® Bestgrip Aquaguard.


Soft Touch® Premium Gripen (PR-740)

Engineered for comfort inspired by aerodynamic design to create a tailormade assembly glove.


Hanvo® Bestgrip Hyperguard (HV-NJ3150) 

Durable knitted glove with cut resistance level D. Perfect for construction or the automotive industry.



Hanvo® Bestgrip Hyperguard (HV-NXC3158) 

A must-have glove for the heavy industry with a high risk of cut injuries. Durable nitrile coating and cut-resistant (Level F).



Soft Touch® Screen Pro (S-888XP)

When launched was the first cut and sewn smortphone compatible glove in category II on the market. The movie demonstrates how the glove works and the benefits of a smartphone compatible glove.



Soft Touch® Chain saw protection glove (CHAIN14)

Demonstration how Soft Touch chain saw protection works. The CHAIN14 model has replaced the previous model C-2000.




Soft Touch® Maximum protection 

This movie demonstrates the benefits of impact protection with older models of Soft Touch gloves. However the principle remains the same.



Soft Touch® Cut resistant gloves

This movie demonstrates some of the benefits of using Soft Touch cut resistant gloves.



You have only 1 pair of hands, and we want you to keep them unharmed.

Stay safe at work.


For inquiries and questions

If you have questions about our range or brands, dont hesitate to contact us via e-mail: Contact information or social media: Facebook or LinkedIn.