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New gloves for the fire brigade

We don't need to tell you how exposed the working environment for firefighters is, it's obvious. What is more problematic to describe is what it takes to develop the uniforms and protective equipment for a fire department. The features and protection must be right for each piece of clothing, and it takes a lot of research and knowledge to choose materials and know how to fit the garments.

Protecting gloves for the fire department

Firefighters are continually battling risks; catching on fire, fracturing limbs from going through glass or metal, not to mention having to endure the extreme temperatures of fires. Each part of the uniform must be prepared for potential risks. The hands are one of the most vulnerable body parts. From needing to have a firm grip on the fire hose to having to walk through glass windows, the gloves require extensive features to make sure to protect each firefighter appropriately.

The new range of fire gloves includes five new models that meet the requirements for EN659, the European Standard that defines general requirements for performance and testing methods for fire safety equipment. This certification means that the glove size conforms to the general requirements established by EN420, gloves made of different materials have undergone individual material tests, gloves are compatible with protective gear sleeves, gloves have withstood a practical performance test, and gloves have been tested according to thermal resistance to not to melt at high temperatures.

Gloves for firefighters - because we know gloves

Each new collection and each new glove model is developed according to demands and of what is considered to be missing on the market today. The firefighter gloves are new to Soft Touch, and the development of this line has included a lot of work with features, design, and knowledge of creating the optimal glove according to the demands of those who will be wearing them.
Through dialogue with customers, we get an insight into what is needed and wanted. This communication gives us the opportunity to create gloves after people's needs rather than limitations of access and effectiveness. We know gloves because we take our RnD one step further, and the firefighter gloves take us forward to developing gloves designed perfectly for every job.


This is a proper fire glove tailored for protection and comfort. Nomex flame-proof fabric protects the upper hand while silicone covers protect the inner hand, and strengthen the grip. Wrinkled reinforcements over the knuckles provide increased flexibility that also serves as impact protection. Kevlar protects your hands with a molded membrane that keeps out moisture while Kevlar lining and felt provides additional thermal insulation. The glove's high collar in flameproof fabric with Velcro closure offers a secure fit and 3M reflexes on the upper side increase visibility in the dark. All seams are sewn in Kevlar thread to make the gloves wear and heat resistant. See more


Blaze is in many ways a shorter model of Combustion. This glove is extremely durable and heat resistant. It has Nomex flameproof fabric on the upper hand and silicone coating in the inner hand that strengthens the grip. Forged fingers with wrinkled reinforcements increase flexibility and offer impact protection. Blaze also has Kevlar fabric with a molded membrane that keeps out moisture and the Kevlar felt and the lining is heat insulating. The wristlet is knitted in double layer Kevlar and has an inside reinforcement so that you can put on the glove with ease. See more.


This fire glove is designed to protect against fire and heat. It's made from a specially treated, flame-proof thick split cowhide. Grip reinforcements increase the gloves durability, and the molded membrane makes it water repellent. The lining, as well as the seams, are made of heat insulating Kevlar. The wristlet is created of a double-layered Kevlar to ensure the fit and safety, which also has a reinforcement tab to make the glove more resistant to wear and tear. See more.

Flame and Flint

These two models are almost identical. Both Flame and Flint are sewn in specially treated and flameproof thick cowhide. They have heat insulating Kevlar lining and triple elastic seams around the wrist for optimal fit. The wristlet is knitted in double layer Kevlar and has a strong reinforcement tab to make the glove more durable and make it easier to put on. What distinguishes Flame and Flint from one another, is that the latter also has a molded membrane that makes the whole glove water repellent. See more of Flint and Flame.

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