Soft Touch AB’s sports concept expanded

The Soft Touch® brand and the slogan "we know gloves" are well known to workwear and personal protection equipment retailers but are just as true for sports gloves. A new sports concept launched last year is already being expanded with several models for new types of sports activities. The new models are already in stock.

Demand for more types of gloves

Soft Touch AB launched a new and modern series of sports gloves in 2021. The launch sparked great interest in the gloves, and inquiries about new models for more activities quickly followed.

Gloves are now being launched for equestrian sports, fitness and gym, running and various cycling sports. Thanks to contacts made with suppliers in previous years, finding the best sports gloves manufacturers for these activities was fast. The close collaboration also made the production fast, and the gloves are already in stock.

It is always exciting to work with our customers to find new ways to do mutually beneficial business together. We always try to be responsive and have managed to find a solution for most new sports that makes it possible to provide a relevant range at the right price, says Michael Cederkvist, CEO of Soft Touch AB.

The collection is expanded with ten new models. These models complement the already existing range of ski, sailing, hunting, motorcycle, and premium walking gloves.

The models have been developed in collaboration with producers, professional practitioners, and experts in various sports areas. The range is summarised in a catalogue on Soft Touch AB's website.

This is the second step in our significant investment in sports gloves. We will continue to collect data for evaluation during the year before the next step. It's exciting because sport is close to Soft Touch AB and myself, Michael concludes.

Soft Touch® new models of sports gloves are in stock and available for retailers already now.

For purchasing inquiries and questions

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