Soft Touch AB launches new Rubberex® disposable nitrile gloves

Soft Touch AB has had rubber gloves for industrial use for quite some time. Under the Rubberex® brand, new disposable nitrile gloves are now being launched with a unique texture pattern for better grip and control.

The gloves have a perfect fit and a high tactile feel with an ergonomic design. A microstructure on the palm and fingertips gives the gloves better grip and control. They are latex- powder- and silicone-free and are recommended for people with latex protein allergies. In addition, they are approved for food handling and protect against viruses.

Gentle Touch Blue – lightweight glove

With both chemical protection (type B) and oil resistance, this glove is suitable for various industries, even for beauty salons that handle aggressive chemicals.

Gentle Touch Black - durable glove in black

A slightly thicker and more durable glove with higher chemical protection. The glove is very suitable for industrial use. However, tattoo studios often seek the combination of black colour, approval for food handling and the protection against viruses that the glove provides.

Rubberex® new models of disposable gloves are available for retailers during the month of June 2022.

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