In collaboration with Swedish retailers of welding accessories, Soft Touch AB has identified the need for more sizes to fit employees in the welding industry. Soft Touch AB is now expanding its range of sizes in welding gloves to meet the increasing demand.

With a growing number of women starting careers in welding, there is an increasing demand for gloves that fit individuals with smaller hands. Men with larger hands also need gloves with a better fit for greater comfort and safety.

“Precision welding requires gloves with a secure fit, providing maximum tactile feel and minimizing risks such as the user losing control of welding guns or other tools”, says Magnus Gustafsson, buyer at Soft Touch AB. “Therefore, it has been very rewarding to work together with our customers and develop new sizes that have been missing. In this way, we can contribute to making everyday life safer for more welders”, Magnus concludes.

To meet these needs, Soft Touch AB has introduced additional sizes for three models of certified welding gloves. These gloves are tailored to meet the requirements of various welding tasks, with a focus on precision work, mainly MIG and TIG welding. These models are G-3010, G-3030 and G-8030.

“The expanded size range not only meets current market requirements but makes us more complete as a glove supplier,” says Michael Cederkvist, CEO at Soft Touch AB. “In the long run, most gloves in our range will probably follow this new size standard,” he concludes.

The exact date of launch is difficult to predict given the unstable situation of sea freight and the ongoing conflict in the Suez Canal. The new sizes are expected to be available on the market sometime in June 2024. The range can be found at well-stocked retailers of welding accessories.


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