Don´t be one in the statistics, be one of the advocates for cut protection

Cut protection is critical against cutting injuries. I know, it sounds like a stupid statement because it's obvious, but I don't think I can stress the importance of cut protection enough.

In Sweden, an average 11 500* people rush to the hospital each year after being injured at home while fixing up the house or tending to the garden. How many of these injuries are cutting injuries, in particular, is not specified but by looking at what they were working on and where one can assume a significant number of them have been victims of cuts.

Cutting injuries are severely misunderstood. Most people think this type of injury only includes blades but most often people are actually in contact with glass, metal and hard plastic at the moment of the accident.

Complex recovery for hand injuries

It won't be easy to maintain your normal lifestyle without the use of your hands. There's almost nothing you do on an everyday basis that doesn't require the full use of both hands - writing, cooking, getting dressed, driving, eating etc. Your hands is a very complex organ, where many vital parts are exposed and only protected by a thin layer of skin. Hand trauma like cuts will most likely require some surgery to restore the hands and finger functions.

Why knitted gloves have great cut resistant properties

Knitted gloves have a natural fitting for every hand. By adding maximum cut resistance, these gloves will keep you safe whilst keep your efficiency while working. Polyethylene fibre is often used in bulletproof vests and bulletproof glass, but it is also the star in many cut-resistant gloves. This fibre has an extremely high molecular density which makes it resilient against sharp objects. Knitted gloves will feel thin enough for you to forget you're wearing them while you work and they'll be thick enough to protect you from harm. Don't forget about cut protection. Stay safe.

Do you use cut resistant gloves?

*according to Socialstyrelsen, The National Board of Health and Welfare. Socialstyrelsen is a government agency in Sweden under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.